Group consultation


I am a Process Group Consultant.

A group is “something more” than the company or establishment that it is. Every individual’s voice is expressing a part of the group-as-a-whole whether speaking or silent.

Unlike groups that respond only to the spoken word, the process groups that I lead focus also on the unspoken material in hopes that the group begins to understand its level of functioning. The assumption is that group organization plays a significant role in the process and ultimately the outcome of the group task. These types of process groups can be helpful to organizations, institutions and non-profit boards who meet regularly to problem-solve, plan, design, and develop events and programs. 

Process groups can meet for blocks of time monthly or 90 minutes weekly. Some groups prefer a more intense 3-4 day process. Fees for consultation are determined on the specific needs of each entity. 

If your particular need is different from above, perhaps struggling with leadership change, and you have questions, please call or email the contact information below.