Couples therapy


Couples therapy can be a useful tool in preventing future difficulties, a way to get to know each other, and a way to learn how you interact together.

Finding a therapist becomes necessary when often you are finding yourselves disagreeing on too many aspects of your lives, when tension in the air is sometimes followed by arguments or long periods of silence, when expressions of all types of intimacy are few and far between, and when the communications between you has been reduced to managing the children, household, and yourself.  

When these behaviors and symptoms are present the couple should consider therapy. 

Couples therapy can be both helpful in the moment and preventive in nature by learning more about communication skills and where necessary, parenting skills too. Couples therapy has no definite time schedule for duration. However, eight to twelve weeks can often be sufficient time to resolve some problems and chart a course for deepening the work.

The treatment employs psychotherapy, communication skill development, and psychoanalysis with the hope of bringing awareness and insight to the couple that will lead to lasting change.