Consulting and supervision


Consultation and supervision are provided for organizations and clinicians on matters that present problematic circumstances in the course of conducting/managing business and for clinicians, doing psychoanalysis and/or psychotherapy. These are usually of short duration and address a process of 'how to' move beyond this point in the work. 

Consultation is provided to organizational working groups such as profit and non-profit boards, executive and management teams, and educational administrators usually over an intense experience involving several sessions within the course of a few days. The focus is on the process of the group as they work together on their specific tasks to enhance more viable outcomes. 

Supervision is provided for psychoanalysts and clinicians on a weekly basis over an extended period of time. The focus is usually in depth on one particular case that the therapist finds value in processing the work with a senior clinician. 

In my position of supervisor of Marriage and Family Interns, a low-fee opportunity is available for those requiring a sliding scale. Currently I have two interns available to accept your referral. Please contact me and I will direct you.